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We are coaches with a vocation for service, extensive experience in family relations, and more than 15 years in the industry.

Through our Coaching, Mediations, and Support Group services, we have helped our clients develop empowerment skills and aptitudes to achieve personal and family goals.


Family Coaching

In this space, we support families to develop healthy strategies and skills to manage each family member’s ability to support each other and handle different problems and situations in family life.

Individual Coaching

In this space, we provide support for the development and strengthening of the mental and emotional side of the person; to manage and improve the health of your life. Helping you get to know yourself better and make positive changes in the different areas of your life.

Couples Coaching

In this space, we support couples to improve communication in their relationship, helping them learn to recognize and handle conflicts that may arise more healthily—also allowing them to know themselves to learn to communicate their feelings and emotions.

Children and Adolescents Coaching

This space is for ten-year-old children or older, where methods and techniques are taught so that children can learn to manage their emotions and behaviors through play. These scenarios include the participation of the family.



These groups aim to support, provide tools and ideas so that all parents can share and learn how to help their children achieve a healthy and safe life. In addition, parents learn to manage positive and healthy relationships with their children.


This space is for people in committed relationships. In this group, couples learn to know themselves, understand their partners better, and strengthen love in their relationship—learning techniques to resolve conflicts and manage active communication.

Single or Separated Parents

This space is designed to support separated parents or single parents. Here, parents learn to understand what co-parenting management is like and solve its problems—understanding children’s behaviors and managing stress individually and as a family.



This mediation service is for separated or divorced parents who must reach agreements regarding the time, place, and dates that the minor children will be able to be with their parents.


Through this service we help parents define where and with whom their children will live. In addition, specify how they will handle complex and straightforward decision-making with all issues related to their children.

Child Support

This service helps parents to clarify and determine the amount of money that each parent will provide for the respective child support of the children.


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